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Golf creates shared experiences and forges connections

By Daryl Batey, PGA
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As a PGA Coach, I believe there are a number of benefits to taking up the game of golf.
Aside from meeting great people who share a common interest, getting lots of exercise in an outdoor environment and constantly trying to refine your game to lower your score; you will have an opportunity to socialize and network among peers, friends and co-workers. I am sure you have heard that a lot of business discussions and networking take place on the golf course and that “deals get done.”
There is a difference between socializing and networking on the golf course.
Socializing is really enjoying the round of golf with your playing partners — taking in the scenery, enjoying the conversation and really trying to relax and enjoy the moment without stressing about anything in particular.
Networking is more of the same, but with the purpose or intent of gaining information and insight about someone or something.
Both of these options can involve the proverbial “19th Hole” where folks often gather post-round to continue the conversation, recount the experience they just shared and forge connections.
There are many golf facilities that offer programs and products, such as Get Golf Ready that allow a new golfer to become comfortable socializing and networking on the golf course.
Through the dedication of committed PGA and LPGA Coaches you’ll be on your way to maximizing your enjoyment in the game and leveraging it to generate deeper personal and business connections.
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