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Golf is the new social network

By Ebony Day
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Golf is a social network and selfies are encouraged.

Technology is integrated into every aspect of our society. In particular, social media dominates how people connect with one another and develop personal or professional relationships.
It’s becoming increasingly rare to meet someone new through a casual conversation over coffee or a walk through the local park. From Facebook to Twitter, youth engage each other through social media.
In an always connected world, golf offers the chance for our kids develop genuine human relationships through physical encounters and unforgettable memories.
PGA Jr. League and Sports Academy are program offerings focused on engaging youth in the game of golf. The core values taught at these programs encourage positive social interactions and healthy physical activity.
Golf — a character-building exercise
Learning the game of golf through these programs presents opportunities for youth to develop character traits that will become ingrained in their personalities. For example, integrity is a core value in the game, whether you’re playing by yourself or in a competition.
Not only does golf provide the opportunity to build character in a fun and social environment, it also builds fundamental athletic skills among youth. Playing a sport or engaging in physical activity not only has health benefits, it’s a legitimate, exciting alternative to the always-present TV or cell phone.
Have fun while staying fit
While playing your favorite golf video game is certainly entertaining, the actual game offers youth the chance to engage in competitive events with their friends and burn some calories. Obesity is an epidemic that is plaguing America’s youth. Golf affords a safe environment for positive social interaction and exercise through golf tournaments, casual rounds and events like Drive, Chip and Putt.
Unplug the devices and power up the clubs
The challenge golf presents to youth is the task of powering down the iPhones, turning off the XBOX, or shutting down the computer and interacting with each other in a traditional way. Golf awards unforgettable memories and incredible experiences. Ironically, golf is the new the social network that is full of Tweet-able memories or Snapchat moments to be made every day.
Go ahead and take that selfie from the tee box!
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