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Golf Tips: The Best Putting Drills to Improve Your Stroke

By Brendon Elliott, PGA
Published on

Putting is not just a part of the game, it's often described as the 'game within the game.' This is because being proficient on the greens is not just beneficial, it's essential for a successful round of golf. It's the area where you can make or break your score and mastering it can significantly improve your game.
Fortunately, there are several putting drills that can help you improve your skills and sink more putts. Here are three of the best putting drills of all time, and one's very often used by the best of the best:
1. The Gate Drill:
The Gate Drill is a classic putting drill designed to improve accuracy and consistency. To perform this drill, set up two tees or alignment sticks just wider than the width of your putter head. Place the tees or sticks a few inches in front of the ball and a few inches behind the hole, creating a "gate" for the ball to pass through. Practicing with the Gate Drill helps golfers focus on hitting the ball on the intended line, leading to improved putting accuracy.
2. 3-Foot Circle Drill:
The 3-Foot Circle Drill is an excellent drill for honing your short putting skills. Place four tees in a circle around a hole, with each tee approximately 3 feet from the hole. Start at one tee and put it to the hole, then move to the next tee and repeat. This drill helps golfers develop confidence and consistency in making short putts, which are crucial for lowering scores.

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3. Distance Control Drill:
Improving distance control is pivotal for avoiding three-putts. To practice distance control, set up a series of tees or markers at varying distances from the hole. Then, putt from each spot, focusing on getting the ball to stop as close to the hole as possible. This drill helps golfers develop a better feel for distance and improves their overall putting touch.
These putting drills are not just for professionals. They are versatile and can be incorporated into any golfer's practice routine, regardless of their skill level. Whether you're working on accuracy, short putts, or distance control, these classic drills can help you elevate your performance on the greens and shoot lower scores on the course.