Master the Course

Hitting Out of Divots

By Joe Plecker
Published on

When facing a shot out of a divot, the important thing is to force yourself to think of the process and not the consequences. Focus on the shot itself, the proper execution, and nothing else.

Here are some tips for successfully hitting out of divots:
  1. Accept the rub of the green: Focusing on your process will take the nervous tension out of your swing.
  2. If your ball is in a divot, it is even more imperative than normal to hit the ball with a descending blow. To do this, you'll want to:
    - Put the ball a little further back in your stance
    - Move your weight and hands a little more forward
    - Grip down on club for more control
  3. Know the ball will come out lower than normal and will run out longer.
  4. Take a practice swing or two and visualize taking or extending the divot towards the green. That is what you'll want to do when you take your actual swing.
By keeping your mind on the process and focusing on your shot, you will become more proficient at hitting your way out of divots.