Fore the Love of Golf - Illinois Junior Brings the Game to the Classroom

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Patrick Schimmel started playing golf when he was just 16 months old, hitting a plastic ball around the house.
His love for the game of golf has evolved over the years and he recently shared that passion with his peers and teachers by writing a research paper on the “Evolution of the Golf Ball.”
From the first golf ball invented in the 14th century to the modern-day version, Schimmel broke down an element that is at top of mind for all golfers — technology in golf is ever-changing.
The paper was chock-full of interesting facts, including one that all golfers can relate to; Over 300,000,000 golf balls are lost by Americans each year.
“I love the game of golf and I was just inspired to learn more about the history of the golf ball.”
And while he loves the competitive side of golf as well, there’s no doubt that his love for the game has made him a golfer for life.