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Building a Routine

By Frank Chieppa
Published on

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Golf is an amazing sport. It constantly tests our skills each time we play or practice.
Some days we wake up feeling alert and energized, only to have a horrible scoring round at the course. There are also those days that we “off,” but yet we play a great round of golf.

How do you plan for either outcome?

In short, to play better golf, develop a constant and consistent routine.
Each shot brings its own unique swing based on the loft, length and weight of the club. All of that we understand. But how you prepare in each of those unique, variable instances prior to every shot shouldn’t be different.
The best players in the world recognize that having a solid and consistent pre-shot routine on every shot sets them up to make the proper swing with each club.
From the moment they arrive at their next shot, the professional player is planning on what they want to accomplish and how they are going to execute the desired result. Each step in this process prior to the swing is programed and practiced. All that is left to do is swing the club.

How do recreational golfers learn from this type of thinking?

  • Start with the mindset that on each shot you will consistently approach the ball in the same manner
  • Keep it simple by gripping the club the same way
  • Take your stance the same way
  • Take the same number of waggles with the club each time
By honing those items as part of your pre-shot routine, your game will progress toward more consistent swings and improved scores.
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