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Build your winning strategy

By Jack Dillon
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Golf, unlike other sports, requires the lowest score to win a match. Similar to other sports, there should be a predetermined set of ideas, a game plan to shoot that low score.
One way to improve as a golfer is to always have a plan, a way to play each hole on the card. Developing a strategy within your game will help you shoot your best scores this season.
Whether you have a home course, or you and your friends like variety, plan to schedule a playing lesson with your PGA or LPGA Coach.
Although it is important to develop a consistent golf swing, creating a game-day strategy with your specific skills in mind, will absolutely enable you to achieve lower scores.
Your Coach will develop a strategy with you, realistic to where your game is today.

Here are some areas to think about as you work on strategy:

  • When should I keep the driver in the bag off the tee?
  • How do I keep my approach shots on the part of the green easiest to putt?
  • On what holes can I take a risk, and where do I need to play it safe?
  • How do I play inside myself as I move through the course?
  • Remember to stay in the moment. Play the shot at hand.
Although you are an experienced golfer, it is important to play each hole within your limits. Going for broke may sound exciting, but double bogeys are often the result.
As you plan your season of golf, begin with a playing lesson and strategy session with a PGA or LPGA Coach.
Just as they are trained to build a golf swing, they can also give you the plan to shoot your lowest scores yet, shot by shot. Play one shot at a time, and get ready to win your matches all season long.
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