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It's time to get excited about PGA Jr. League

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A new year means a new season is nearing for the PGA Jr. League Last year, more than 60,000 boys and girls of all skill levels participated and there are even more opportunities for kids to join teams in 2020.
New to the fun and excitement of PGA Jr. League? Here's some information to help understand more about this program that continues to grow leaps and bounds each year.
  • Kids learn more than just golf through PGA Jr. League. Here's a look at four things you and your child can expect when joining a team at your local course.
  • What does PGA Jr. League look like at the average course? PGA Coach Janell Joslin takes us into the incredible summer lifestyle the program creates at Hermitage Golf Course.
  • As kids grow up, it's important for them to be surrounded by a positive, nurturing environment. That's been exactly what PGA Jr. League has provided for 13-year-old Luke Hasan throughout the five years playing for his local team. Read his story here.