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Josue Reyes, PGA, Cherishes the Power of Mentorship

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When becoming a PGA Professional in 2006, Josue Reyes didn’t realize what would be in store for him through the power of mentorship in the golf industry. Having leaned on the shoulders of mentors like current PGA of America President, Jim Richerson, he learned the importance of becoming a well-rounded golf professional and getting to know every aspect of the golf industry.
As the current Director of Retail at Destination Kohler, Reyes has been named the PGA Merchandiser of the Year two times, most recently in 2020. And with his home golf course, Whistling Straits, hosting the much-anticipated 43rd Ryder Cup, Reyes will have the opportunity to work as the Ryder Cup Division Chair for Merchandise and Media Services.
“There’s no question that as a PGA Golf Professional, not only getting to experience the Ryder Cup, but to experience it with all of these different nationalities and diversities, those are all things the PGA of America brings. That’s also another area that makes me proud of being associated with the Ryder Cup.”
Reyes now pays it forward by being a mentor on and off the course to Associates and individuals through the interactive app, My PGA Journey. To learn more about his journey and exciting careers in the golf industry, register on to get started today!