Junior Ryder Cup Alums Competing at the 2021 Augusta National Women's Amateur

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Here's a fact: The Junior Ryder Cup will be well represented by former participants at Augusta National Golf Club this month, and we're not just talking about at The Masters.
The Augusta National Women's Amateur — which made its debut in 2019 — is returning to the iconic course this week. The tournament is set to run March 31 to April 3, with the first two rounds taking place at the nearby Champions Retreat Golf Club in Evans, Georgia, and the final round taking place at Augusta National.
This tournament brings together some of the best women's amateurs who qualify through various tournaments to compete. Last year the second annual ANWA was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that those who qualified in 2020 are also eligible to compete this year, making the field that much stronger.
Both sides of the globe from past Junior Ryder Cup teams will be represented with United States alums consisting of Alyaa Abdulghany, Rachel Heck, Gina Kim, Emilia Migliaccio, Alexa Pano, Erica Sheperd and Rose Zhang. European alums include Annabell Fuller, Ingrid Lindblad, Alessia Nobilio, Emile Paltrineri, Pauline Roussin-Bouchard, Emma Spitz, and Beatrice Wallin.
Here are the faces of the Junior Ryder Cup alums competing this week:
United States:
Alyaa Abdulghany
Rachel Heck
Gina Kim
Emilia Migliaccio
Alexa Pano
Erica Shepherd
Rose Zhang
Annabell Fuller
Emile Paltrineri
Pauline Roussin-Bouchard
Emma Spitz
Beatrice Wallin
Photos Missing Of: Ingrid Lindblad and Alessia Nobilio.