Grow My Game

Keeping it Simple

By Jack Dillon
Published on

As we gain experience playing golf, we try to do more and more to improve in order to reach loftier goals and lower scores. We buy more clubs and more equipment, then work with our new toys to get better.
And since we love the game and are fully immersed in the sport, we follow the Tours and watch the events on television. Often I find myself thinking, “If these Professionals can make the game look so easy, than so can I! Why not work even harder to become a great player?”

The Tour Professionals, both men and women, are athletes. Everything they do is about becoming a better athlete, in order to become a better golfer. From diet and exercise to practice and overall preparation, their drive is to make a living at the game we play for recreation.
Keep things in perspective
They are professionals, working to make money. The rest of us are people who work for a living, and play golf when we can grab a free spot on the calendar. We do not have the talent, time, or resources to invest into turning ourselves into golfing athletes. Moreover, we probably do not have the mental discipline to handle the daily grind that it takes to play this game at its highest level.
Maybe it’s time to step back and return to thinking of the game as the fun, recreational activity it is meant to be for most of us. Now is the time to plan out your next golf season with your PGA or LPGA Professional. Work with your Professional to set some baseline goals. By building a plan with an expert now, you can maximize your fun and success with minimal effort. Your Professional is experienced at helping golfers lower their scores, while ensuring the game stays enjoyable and never becomes a grind. Remember, keep things simple.
Build your calendar around more rounds of golf and less practice
The practice can seem necessary, but play is fun. Step away from the stress and grind of becoming great, and work on the pleasure side of this game. Ultimately, golf is a game and you should strive to put fun first every day at the course.
No matter the final score, when you begin with the right attitude, you will forever get the most out of your game, and never the least. Keeping it simple assures you of better days on the course, and less time thinking about bogeys all night long.