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PGA Professionals Ryan Dailey & Matt Reagan Are Growing the Game through Operation 36

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Golf has seen an immediate impact upon its return.
How are facilities handling the pandemic push? More importantly, how will courses and PGA Professionals sustain this tremendous opportunity to engage more golfers?
Take a couple of minutes and listen to the inspirational minds behind the global player development program called Operation 36. They have over 525 different locations worldwide. Their approach is vanguard and their passion is infectious. PGA Professionals Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan join fellow PGA Professional Keith Stewart on air to share their proven methods for growing the game.
If you have heard of them, we're not surprised. Ryan and Matt have been developing golfers together for eleven years. Ever wonder what the 3 key components to a "true development program" are? Tune in, turn it up, and take notes. Their story is equally valuable for parents and coaches.