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No. 14 at Bethpage Black Twitter / @LinksGems

You may not be familiar with Jon Cavalier personally, but there is a good chance you know him by his Instagram handle, @LinksGems.
A practicing lawyer from Philadelphia, Cavalier has built a social media following by combining two of the things (three if you count his lab Gracie) he is most passionate about in life — golf and photography.
Cavalier has been fielding hundreds of requests daily in his direct messages and is making an attempt to fulfill as many of them as possible to provide an escape for golfers.
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‪Loving the requests, guys - over 250 came in last night. I’m keeping a list, and over the course of this shutdown, I’ll do my best to get to all current requests and anything else you guys send in. - ‪Leading off tonight is yesterday’s most popular request BY FAR: the incredible par-4 9th at Friar’s Head. For me personally, this stunner is as good as it gets.‬ ———————————— #linksgemsbyrequest #friarsheadgolfclub #friarsheadgc #friarshead #fhgc #billcoore #bencrenshaw #coorecrenshaw #cooreandcrenshaw #3000 #moderngems #nygolf #hamptonsgolf #riverheadgolf #longislandgolf #kenbaskt #golfcourses #golfphotos #golfcoursephotos #golfcoursephotography #golfcoursearchitecture #whyilovethisgame

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“I certainly hope the point of my social media feed brings golfers some joy at the very least,” Cavalier said in a phone call with “I like to think that with all that is going on in the world, people’s daily lives, their jobs and their home life, maybe a picture will give them a little bit of a break from the daily routine. A little escape. A smile. Hopefully they learn something from it too. That is what I’m always trying to do. "
The feed started over five years ago when Cavalier’s friends pushed him to start social media accounts for his photos. Cavalier has an affinity for the architecture of courses and provides informative captions to his followers on many posts.
“I really enjoy not just taking the photos, but sharing them and talking about them,” Cavalier said. “I love reading the comments on them and getting into discussions about the golf course architecture.”
Despite having over 58,000 followers on Instagram and another 33,000-plus on Twitter, Cavalier says the number of followers will never have an impact on his social media activity.
“Whether I have 100, 1,000 or 100,000 followers, I will still be doing what I’m doing on social media because I like to do it,” Cavalier said. “But the fact that people seem to enjoy it, it’s really nice. It’s motivating to me that people are getting something out of what I’m doing it and it encourages me to do more of it.”
You can follow Cavalier and make requests for photos of courses on Instagram or Twitter.
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