Game Changers

Mackenzie Mack, PGA: A Leader in Golf and Voice for the Black Community

By Carly Grenfell, PGA of America
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The fight for a better world isn’t an option for Mackenzie Mack. It’s a must.
Outside of being a highly competitive golfer and well-respected instructor, she is making an impact in the lives of many through her role with the Tennessee Golf Foundation as the Associate Executive Director and West Tennessee Regional Director. In this position, she delivers all junior golf programming in West Tennessee.
While Mackenzie Mack is perfecting the craft of youngsters, putting her PGA and LPGA Class A Membership to the test, she’s also teaching kids the importance of life outside of golf. Her mom was the one who introduced her to the game. And now, Mackenzie is sharing that passion with the next generation in underserved communities.
As just one of 168 Black PGA Professionals, she understands the barriers she faces in golf. Mackenzie continues to persevere, continues to inspire the people around her and has taken it upon herself to welcome many others with similar experiences and backgrounds into the game.
During a time where racial injustice and discrimination is at the forefront of society, and having experienced it herself, Mackenzie Mack recognizes the opportunity in front of her. Using golf as the pipeline and her role in the industry as the platform, it’s time for action. It’s time to do better.
It’s time to keep the conversation going.