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Meet new people and join a league near you

By Mike Devlin
Published on

One of the greatest parts of golf is the interactions and friends made while on the course. It’s what makes golf different than any sport; no matter what skill level or amount of times you make it out on the links everyone can have fun and meet new people. 
There are plenty of ways to do this: join a golf club, go out to your local course as a single player and get paired up with another group or use social media or golf apps to find other local golfers. But what if joining a club isn’t practical or financially an option for you? Or you’re a competitive player and don’t want to roll the dice on being paired up with random players at the course? What if you’re not a social media person or the thought of messaging random golfers online (to be honest) just creeps you out? These are all very reasonable and common roadblocks. That’s why our suggestion is always to try and find a golf league near you to meet new people. Below you’ll find a few good league options near you:
Leagues run by your local course
  • A great option for some. Course-run leagues are fairly common and might even have have several league options (men’s league, women’s league, 9-hole best ball, 18-hole best ball, etc.) These are usually reasonably priced and a good way to meet golfers locally. However, most leagues are on a weekday and if you work a regular 9-5 or live in a city this might not be a realistic option.
  • How can you find a golf league like this near you? Ask your local PGA Professional about golf leagues at their course or potentially others in the area.
Social sports leagues
  • These leagues are fun and a good way to meet people, but can be hard to come by. Prices tend to be a bit high (but can vary). You’ll find these are less commonly run for golf than softball, kickball or other sports. It’s also common that they will run a one-off tournament and not a recurring league.
  • How can you find a golf league like this near you? A simple Google search will yield the best results but overall this likely isn’t the best option for you
Amateur golf tours
  • Don’t let the word “Tour” scare you. Although these are tournament-based organizations, many of them run several throughout the year in areas across the US. Amateur tours are growing in popularity across the United States, but there are some key differences to consider. Our suggestion would be the City Tour run by Nextgengolf. Although the Golf Channel Am Tour and GolfWeek Am Tour can be the right choice for some, the price, team-based format and mix of fun and competitive events for the City Tour really sets it apart.