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Podcast: PGA of America is Breaking Down Barriers in Golf by Engaging the Unengaged

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Breaking down barriers in golf by engaging the unengaged is at the forefront of the PGA of America's mission.
Strategic Adjunct to the Chief Executive and Chief People Officers Charles Dillahunt joined the ModGolf Podcast to share how the PGA of America is working to break down those barriers to entry for not only playing the game, but participating as a business supplier or joining the workforce.
"My biggest hope for the golf industry is that it one day grows to be more representative of the population in the world, and that it openly welcomes and serves the members of all communities from all walks of life equally and inclusively," Dillahunt shared in the episode.
The PGA of America is inviting talent from diverse backgrounds who are interested in working to support the PGA’s high-profile 2021 Championship events to apply now through PGA JobMatch.
Individuals can register at to potentially interview with the PGA’s operations and merchandising teams through Dec. 19.
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