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NJCAA Partners with PGA of America to Provide Career Opportunities for Junior College Golfers

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The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has announced a partnership agreement with the PGA of America. As official partners, the PGA of America and the NJCAA will work together to grow the game of golf by sharing professional and career opportunities with two-year collegiate golfers. 
The PGA of America will collaborate with NJCAA golf programs to offer athletes continued engagement with the game of golf beyond their collegiate experience, including career prospects within the sport. The PGA will be able to connect with the NJCAA golf community, including coaches, mentors and leadership, and be available to participate and speak at NJCAA golf Championships.
“With over 2 million jobs in the golf industry, and an increasing demand to fill those jobs, we look forward to working with the NJCAA in connecting junior college student athletes to a potential career in golf and also help them visualize what a career as a PGA Professional can deliver,” said PGA President John Lindert, the PGA Director of Golf at the Country Club of Lansing (Michigan). “Connecting these golfers with PGA Members for mentorship, leadership and job opportunities is a great way to bring more career opportunities to the game of golf.”
The PGA of America consists of nearly 28,000 PGA Professionals around the country. The mission of the PGA is to serve the PGA Member and grow the game of golf. The PGA promotes enjoyment and involvement in golf among the general public, as it contributes to the sport’s growth by providing services to PGA Professionals and the industry.
PGA Professionals serve as the recognized teachers and leaders of the game and promote its growth passionately. The PGA seeks to establish a fundamental relationship with every golfer and build on that relationship to give them the resources they will need to help them achieve their goals.
"The NJCAA is very excited about this new partnership and working with the PGA of America," stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. "This partnership will create new opportunities for two-year collegiate golfers and prepare student-athletes for success long-term within the sport."