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No More Back Pain: Advice from PGA Coach Tom Saguto to Keep Your Golf Swing Free & Easy

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We'd all probably love to spend a little bit more time on the golf course, but there are plenty of things that get in the way.
Back pain from a day on the course or at the range shouldn't be one of them.
The game of golf can be taxing physically — and emotionally at times — but creating an exercise routine, building up your strength, and releasing tension in your swing are all great ways to avoid dreaded back pain following a round.
PGA Coach Tom Saguto's energy is infectious and he is full of great coaching tips. Thankfully for all of us, he sent a video with a tip to help golfers get rid of the back pain and create a free & easy swing.
Check out the video below and be sure to give Tom a follow on Instagram for more great golf tips & drills.
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