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Overcoming Barriers to get on the Course

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It’s time to set the record straight on some common misperceptions about golf that often keep people from playing the game. You may be surprised to learn:
Golf Can Be Affordable
- There are more than 6,000 courses in America that are priced below $44 to play an 18-hole round of golf, including golf car rental. Best of all, many of these courses are priced significantly lower, as full rates are rarely charged. Plus, many will allow you to walk the course and pay even less.
- If you prefer to play 9 holes, golf is even more affordable, as many courses offer 9-hole rates at a significant discount.
- Half of all 9-hole daily fee and municipal courses charge less than $26 to play a round, including the use of a golf cart. This price is for the course’s “peak rate,” with many facilities offering discounts for walking and/or playing at “off-peak” times, such as weekdays or afternoons.
Source – National Golf Foundation
Golf Can Be Fast
- Thousands of courses allow for golfers to play 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes or even less.
- At many courses, it’s quite realistic to play a 9-hole round in under two hours.
- Some courses offer 6-hole and 3-hole round options, in order to allow you to play even faster.
Golf Can Be Social
- Many courses offer parent/child or couples golf events for your family to enjoy.
- Golf Leagues are available at thousands of courses, where you can join by yourself and meet other golf enthusiasts OR you can bring a group of golf friends or co-workers.
- Ask your PGA Professional today about the different events that your local facility offers, so you can spend more time on the course with your significant other, family and friends. If golf leagues sound like fun to you (and they are!), your local PGA Professional can help you find one that’s just right.