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PGA Coach Rick Sessinghaus Chats about Improving Personal Performance on Keith Stewart's Springdale GOLF Live

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We all can't be Major Champions, but what if you could be a major champion in your daily life?
Rick Sessinghaus is a PGA Professional instructor and performance coach. His most popular student is Collin Morikawa, the 2020 PGA Championship winner.
This past week he joined PGA radio broadcaster Keith Stewart on his ESPN Pro-Show. The interview conversation between the two was extremely valuable. Take a moment and listen, because it will change the way you view your personal performance in life.
As you listen, you just may find yourself taking notes. Not mental notes, actual notes. Rick's information packaged through Keith's storytelling is just what the doctor ordered for anyone looking for a better 2020.
So if you would like to improve your focus, improve your critical performance fundamentals and be entertained all at the same time, tune in, turn it up and enjoy the show!