PGA Facebook Debates — Blade or Mallet Putter?

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Golfers in the 16th century referred to the putter as a “putting cleek.”
Bobby Jones won 13 major championships with a putter so famous that it had a name, Calamity Jane.
And Tiger Woods has sported his infamous Scotty Cameron for the majority of his career.
The relationship to your putter is pivotal to posting lower scores, so it's important to be comfortable with the short stick in your hand. No matter how far you hit the ball off the tee box or how accurate you are with your irons, the putter is just an important role in your game. It doesn’t matter if you can reach that par 5 in two if you’re just going to turn around and three-putt.
There are plenty of options on the market for golfers to choose from, but we wanted to find out what golfers preferred — The Blade or the Mallet? So we went to our Facebook community and got their opinion on the matter.
Jim Tompkins is paying attention and smartly shared…
“Whatever Dustin Johnson is using!”
Drew Klco said…
“Scotty 55w mallet. I would like to put a blade into the mix. Always liked the look.”
Garrett Quinlan said…
“I’ll never go back to a blade. I’ve got the Scotty Futura Adam Scott won the Masters with.”
Kevin Ziegler said…
“I like my blade so much, I can’t switch. I just hope I’m not wrong…”
Roy Hollick said…
“Been a blade player for 20 years and just changed to an Odyssey Trip Track Ten Putter, face balance 34”.”
Justin Russell said…
“Mallet….Odyssey….10 years and still making a lot of putts…”
Dan Olson said…
“Recently switched to a mallet and couldn’t be happier with results. Harder than blades on distance control but easier to keep on line from 15 in.”
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