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PGA of America Monthly Mailbag: How Can We Help You Improve Your Golf Game?

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From our weekly #EscapeToGolf series featuring great photos across social media to #PlayMuniGolf, a newly launched series highlighting municipal courses & the amazing communities they create — we are always looking for new ways to grow the game and make it more fun.
We want to connect golfers across the country & even more importantly, connect you to coaches that can help you no matter where you are in your golf journey.
We’ve taken you behind the scenes with PGA Professionals in our Instagram Takeovers and are now giving you the chance to ask even more questions - directly related to your game - with a monthly mailbag.
What part of your game do you need the most help with? What questions do you have about alignment and your mental approach? Are you looking to upgrade your clubs? We’ve got you covered. Send your questions to and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
We’ll be gathering the answers from PGA Professionals nationwide and responding to select questions on & across our digital platforms.
We can’t wait to hear from you.