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PGA of America Selects T-Mobile as its Exclusive 5G Wireless Innovation Partner

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The PGA of America announced it has chosen T-Mobile as its official 5G innovation partner. As part of the collaboration, the PGA of America will utilize a 5G hybrid network from T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions at the brand-new Home of the PGA of America and PGA of America Coaching Center in Frisco, Texas.

T-Mobile and PGA of America will work together to develop technologies that level up the fan experience and increase operational efficiencies for facilities and events, while also helping PGA of America Golf Professionals enjoy and improve their game. Plus, PGA of America will utilize a 5G hybrid network to enhance fan experiences at the PGA Championship and the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

“Whether it’s posting a picture of your family at the golf course to social media or one of our more than 29,000 PGA of America Golf Professionals using advanced analytics during a coaching session, the game of golf is more connected than ever,” said Seth Waugh, CEO, PGA of America. “I have been hugely impressed with the innovation and passion that our new partner T-Mobile brings to every task. I am so excited by the promise of what T-Mobile can deliver to our Members and our shared vision to drive the game forward for current and future generations of players.”
The PGA of America is not only leveraging 5G to bring the latest technology to the “modern home of golf” at its new headquarters, but also to explore how wireless technology can democratize access to the game for players, PGA of America Coaches and fans alike. For example, the PGA Coaching Center will be powered by 5G-connected technologies, including advanced ball-tracing technology, Toptracer Range, and Toptracer Coach, a web-enabled coaching platform that leverages the Toptracer Range experience. And with the speed and reliability of 5G, PGA of America Coaches and their students will be able to utilize AI-powered analytics and AR-enabled visual aids to supplement their lessons.
The PGA Coaching Center
The PGA Coaching Center
By harnessing 5G's potential, the organization can make technologies more mobile and substantially enhance data capture, offering PGA of America Golf Professionals a more versatile toolbox for analyzing player performance and personalized coaching. The 5G hybrid network can also save time and costs for PGA of America and facilities operated by PGA Members around the country who are looking to deploy technologies and eliminate the infrastructure lift of installing wired systems — which require things like digging out a path for wires through the course and running wired cameras across the practice range.
The PGA of America will also be developing a broadcasting and content innovation hub at the Home of the PGA of America. The hub will pilot production technologies such as data-rich broadcasts using real-time data and analytics sources as well as first-person point of view cameras such as 5G-connected drones or cameras around the course that deliver fans an immersive viewing perspective.

“Together, T-Mobile and the PGA of America are showcasing innovation, bringing fans closer, and creating opportunities for PGA of America Members to learn and bring those learnings to their home facilities,” said Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group. “5G ANS is the platform for innovation that’s bringing a competitive edge to thousands of PGA Coaches, all while increasing operational efficiencies at the modern home of golf. That’s the power of our 5G solutions.”
Whether it’s displaying the clubhead speed off the tee or upload speed for a video highlight, T-Mobile 5G will be front and center at upcoming PGA Championship and KPMG Women’s PGA Championship tournaments. Fans will experience major championship golf in a whole new way thanks to 5G with broadcasts featuring new elements like first-person views of the action via 5G-connected cameras and live data overlays from Toptracer.