PGA Professional Corey McAlarney Makes Two Holes-in-One on Same Day

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The odds of the same person making two holes-in-one on the same day are astronomical.
67-million to 1 to be exact.
And while Edgartown Golf Club PGA Professional Corey McAlarney was just trying to lend a helping hand to his members during the 66th Annual Reading Room Golf Tournament, he ended up pulling off the near impossible.
McAlarney was stationed at the Par-3, 157-yard eighth hole during the event and was available to be used for a mulligan should a member be unhappy with their own attempt.
With a light rain falling and wind gusts of 20-25 miles per hour, the hole played upwards of 190 yards and created quite the challenge for the golfers.
With a 5-iron in hand, McAlarney put on a show. And not only did he make a pair of aces — the third & fourth of his career — he did so within three shots for members.
"I made the first hole and in one and got back to the tee box just as another group was coming up," McAlarney recalled. "They asked if I had hit any good shots and I told them I just had a hole-in-one. They didn't really react because I was so nonchalant about it."
The group didn't have to wait long to witness a hole-in-one of their own. McAlarney took a shot for a member & landed it on the green just five feet from the pin only to jar his second ace of the day just moments later. In total, the two holes-in-one came just 12 minutes apart.
"Everyone went nuts," McAlarney said. "I called my GM after the second one and was just laughing. I could hardly tell him what happened. Then I finally said, I just made another one."
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