PGA Professional Rob Labritz's Amazing Journey to his PGA TOUR Champions Card

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An outcome 15 years in the making... Rob Labritz, PGA, set the goal to qualify for the PGA Tour Champions when he turned 50 and has worked tirelessly the last decade & half to make it a reality.
 “When you give it your all, your dreams & your visions come true.” Rob Labritz, PGA, shared, with the emotion in his voice showing that he knows firsthand the hard work & determination big dreams require.
Labritz has always been a hard worker and an overachiever. As the Director of Golf at the GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New York, he has become an expert at juggling his vast array of responsibilities. On top of that, he has clearly maintained a very impressive golf game.
He has played in 8 PGA Championships and finished as the low PGA Member in the field twice. However, his dream was always to be able to play full time, and this week that dream became a reality when he earned his Tour card in emotional fashion.
Rob is a shining example of how hard work, dedication, persistence and drive can take you exactly where you want to go. He has excelled at everything he has attempted because of his consistent desire to do his best. That consistency has rewarded him with the reality of achieving one of his biggest dreams.
Golfers young & old can look to Rob and know that they too can achieve their dreams on the course. No matter how big or small those goals may be, from breaking 100 to making the Tour, if players follow Rob's playbook and give it their all, those dreams can come true.
Now, as Labritz sets out on this new journey, we'll continue to look to him for inspiration as we too work to achieve our goals and progress our game in 2022. Congratulations Rob, we'll be rooting for you every step of the way.