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25 Years. 25 Words: PGA Professionals Remember the Legendary Swing of Ben Hogan

By Abby Parsons, PGA
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Ben Hogan won nine major championships in less than 10 years

On this day in 1997, one of the game’s all-time greats, Ben Hogan, died at the age of 84. Ben Hogan won 9 major championships in less than 10 years – winning each Major Championship at least once. Even with 64 PGA Tour victories, it’s his swing that is most talked about and sought after to this day. 
Even though he was just  5’8” and listed at 145 pounds, Ben Hogan could out-drive nearly anyone. It’s hard to find anyone in and around the game who wouldn’t say that his swing was pretty much perfect.

We asked PGA Professionals across the country to share one word that describes Mr. Hogan’s swing, and the answers provided say it all…. Iconic, Powerful, Effortless, Fluid.

It’s hard to imagine that those in and around the game of golf will ever forget the legendary swing of World Golf Hall of Famer Ben Hogan. 
  1. Abby Parsons, PGA - Whistling Straits: Timeless
  2. Austin Joerg, PGA - Sea Island: Fluid
  3. Matt Jordan, PGA - Streamsong Resort: Tireless
  4. John Breedlove, PGA - Oakland Hills Country Club: Dynamic
  5. Mike Aschenbach, PGA - Whistling Straits: Flowing
  6. Jim Lohbauer, PGA - Coral Creek Club: Smooth
  7. Tom Parsons, PGA - Crow River Golf Club: Perfection
  8. Jason Seitz, PGA - Blackwolf Run: Powerful
  9. Maddy Belden, PGA - Salem Country Club: Pure
  10. Andy Nelson, PGA - Riomar Country Club: Iconic
  11. Bryan Stevens, PGA - Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run: Perfection
  12. Billy Keane, PGA - Sioux City Country Club: Sweet
  13. Mark Kolb, PGA - Blackwolf Run: Mesmerizing 
  14. Erika Perk, PGA - Wisconsin Section: Transcendental 
  15. Langston Frazier, PGA - Belle Haven CC: Graceful 
  16. Kater Mills, PGA - Minor Park Golf Course: Iconic
  17. Michelle Edgar, PGA - Royal Oaks Country Club: Effortless
  18. Joanna Coe, PGA - Merion Golf Club: Influential 
  19. David Bach, PGA - Whistling Straits: Powerful
  20. Sydney Shrader, PGA - Sawgrass Country Club: Effortless
  21. Payton Minear, PGA: Rhythmic 
  22. Mike O’Reilly, PGA - Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run: Fluid
  23. Jason Walter, PGA - Country Club at DC Ranch: Perfection 
  24. Chris Traikoff, PGA - Crown Colony Golf & CC: Sublime
  25. Gabby Steiner, PGA - Dormie Club: Inspirational