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PGA Sports Academy Introduces Kids to More than Just Golf

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Kids playing games

Kids playing games

Purpose & Mission
The PGA Sports Academy program is a collaborative framework based on research and best practices from PGA Professionals, PGA Training, Allied associations and the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) standards for juniors, adopted by the PGA World Alliance. The PGA Sports Academy’s focus is to develop core golfers and provide them with pathways to continue to play golf socially or competitively based on each individual’s desire.
Fun – First And Foremost
We must make sure new golfers are engaged and have a fun, interactive experience. To get juniors involved in golf is the goal, but keeping it fun is the primary focus. It’s crucial that coaches enjoy the experience; juniors will sense your love of the sport and hopefully become golfers for a lifetime.
PGA Sports Academy Curriculum Overview:
The PGA Sports Academy will help youth learn to play golf and have fun in the process. The PGA Sports Academy has three levels: Player, Sport and Champion.
Player Level Objectives
  • Develop an understanding of the sport of golf
  • Learn fundamental movement and motor skills and link them together into the golf swing
  • Use ball-striking games such as baseball and hockey to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Establish essential safety and etiquette
Sport Level Objectives
  • Develop fundamental golf movement skills and teach overall sports skills
  • Learn scoring, the rules of golf and the process of playing a round of golf
  • Establish target and alignment fundamentals and begin developing proper short-game skills
Champion Level Objectives
  • Establish a knowledge base in the mental side of the sport
  • Develop full swing, short game and putting skills to a higher level
  • Incorporate strength, stability and flexibility to improve performance and health
  • Enhance performance by learning course management skills, STAT tracking, keeping a golf journal and advancing to national competitions
Each level includes five focus areas that will help juniors learn, develop and practice the skills to become better golfers and enjoy the sport of golf:
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Golf Skills
  • Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules
  • Golf and “Near Golf” Experiences
  • Golf and Skills Challenges
Each level will develop the necessary physical and golf skills to practice, improve and enjoy the sport. Juniors will be tested before they begin each level to determine their level of experience. At the end of each level, each participant will be tested again and will receive a score based on his or her skill level. The PGA Sports Academy will give each participant a practice program to improve their skills and set goals to help them become better golfers.