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PGA VendorMatch: Bringing Local Flair to Major Championship Events

By Charles Dillahunt, PGA of America
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Golf’s major events bring a substantial economic boost to the communities in which they are contested. 
One way the PGA of America is determined to continue providing economic value to host cities is by creating entry pathways into golf’s supply chain for diverse- and locally-owned suppliers through PGA VendorMatch.
“It’s important to the PGA to bring value to our host cities,” said PGA of America Chief Championships Officer Kerry Haigh. “This opportunity increases our ability to deliver economic impact and an outstanding experience through our championship operations.” 
The PGA of America has found great success with the program and has provided access for sourcing opportunities for many like Julie Camardo, the Owner and CEO of Zweigle’s Inc., a woman-owned butcher shop in Rochester, NY.
Following a successful interview process through PGA VendorMatch, Julie Camardo was able to provide food services in the local Rochester market for the 2019 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. 
“When we met with the PGA at VendorMatch, we let them know that we were the local hot dog in Rochester,” said Camardo. “If the PGA was going to be in our hometown, it only made sense they carry the local hot dog on site. We find that in our business most people favor the hot dogs they grew up on, and it provides them great memories from the past. We were happy to help the PGA provide that while they were in Rochester. 
Not only did Zweigle’s help the PGA bring local flair to a world-renowned tournament, but the PGA of America assisted Zweigle’s in breaking down a barrier normally placed in front of women-owned businesses. 
“The PGA truly supported a woman-owned business in the food & beverage space, and they weren’t just looking to fill their service pipeline,” added Camardo.” “People were obviously at the event to watch golf, but the PGA wanted their experience to be authentic and molded to our community, which is where we came in. Their attention to detail showed us not only was the PGA looking to host an event in our area, but they wanted us to feel at home too, so the experience was taken to another level.” 
The PGA is currently looking for more companies interested in the PGA VendorMatch program for the 2021 PGA Championship events. Those interested can apply now through August 7, 2020, at
All registrations must be received by August 7, 2020, to be considered.