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PGA WORKS Fellow Lydia Victor On a Mission to Create More Access in Golf

By Kayla Gutierrez
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For Lydia Victor, creating a space for others to thrive and achieve their goals fuels her desire to work in the sports industry. Now, as a PGA WORKS Fellow – she is becoming the change she wants to see in the world.
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lydia grew up immersed in the game of tennis. As the daughter of Indian Immigrant parents and the youngest of five children, the sport has always been a huge part of her family’s life.
Although Lydia’s competitive career ended in her early middle school years, she continued to be a fan and regularly traveled with her dad to watch her brother play in tournaments.
Tennis, however, was more than just a household tradition– but a springboard that launched her into the industry and inspired her to pursue a passion for a career in sports.
Victor with her family.
Victor with her family.
The Philadelphia Native graduated from Drexel University at an early age of 20 years old, with a degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Sport Regulation and Compliance. Now, she is continuing her education and earning her Masters Degree in Sport Management with a concentration in Athlete Development at University of Florida.
“I always knew I wanted to work at a national governing body for any sport because I feel like that's where change happens. When I graduated, I knew this was the route I wanted to take.”
Initially uncertain about her career path in sports, when she discovered the PGA WORKS Fellowship, she realized it was the opportunity she had been searching for. 
A New Chapter Unfolds
The PGA WORKS Fellowship is designed to provide recent  r college graduates  a one-year, paid immersion in  PGA of America Section operations. This entry-level role offers a taste of what a career in the golf industry can provide. Lydia is now the third PGA WORKS Fellow for the Philadelphia PGA Section.
“I wasn’t expecting to go into golf, but I knew that I wanted to tackle access issues specifically in these country club and Olympic sports. When I found the PGA WORKS Fellowship, I knew immediately this was the position for me,” says Lydia.
Through the Fellowship, she has been involved in all Philadelphia PGA Section programming, including the PGA of America REACH Foundation Philadelphia, PGA HOPE, Philly PGA Junior Tour, Drive Chip and Putt, and more – all of which have allowed her to influence lives on and off the course.
“This has been such a great environment to be in, especially for my first position out of college. In this experience as a Fellow, I’ve opened doors to see what's possible in sports” she adds.
Working for a PGA of America Section, Lydia is making strides in the golf industry at the grassroots and local levels. Now almost halfway through her Fellowship, she can imagine a career in golf in her future.
“I think working as a PGA WORKS Fellow, you realize that you are making an impact in people's lives, and impact really does begin with changing one person's life.”
“It’s easy to see how are we changing thousands or millions of people's lives, but being grounded in the fact that our mission and goals are to impact lives through the game of golf and realizing that we are doing that every day through our programming – it’s truly special to be a part of that,” mentions Lydia.
A Glimpse into the Future
As for what’s next, Lydia’s goal is to help create more access in sports for women and individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and communities. She recognizes that her role as a PGA WORKS Fellow has acted as a catalyst for change, allowing her to make a real impact in the golf industry and beyond.
“Sports is a tough industry for anyone to break into, but especially for women. Being assertive and resilient is so important, especially in situations where people might be skeptical of your presence,” she says. 
“I'm so glad that my first position is one where I get to directly bring golf to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to play. Being able to work hands-on in the field, getting to see what golf has to offer, and witnessing first-hand how national initiatives impact people at a local level is the best part of my job.”
The opportunities are endless for Lydia. When looking forward into her future, she can see herself continuing to work in golf and hopes to make a difference wherever she goes.

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