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PGA's Gallatin Named to Outsport's Power 100 for Promoting Workforce Diversity in Golf

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Molly Gallatin, the Senior Director of Inclusion & Culture for the PGA of America, was recently named to Outsports’ “Power 100” list, the website’s rankings recognizing the 100 most powerful and influential out LBGTQ people in sports.
The list includes the likes of tennis legend Billie Jean King and her wife Illana Kloss, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, basketball icon Sue Bird, and another tennis great Martina Navratilova, along with countless executives and leaders from across the world of sports. 
Since beginning with the PGA of America in 2016, Gallatin has been a leader in the Association’s brand and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Since, the organization has seen massive strides through a number of avenues, such as:
  • PGA WORKS, the inclusion arm of PGA REACH that is designed to diversify the golf industry's workforce.
  • PGA WORKS Beyond the Green platform that combines a major championship venue with relationship-building opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • An organizational diverse slate hiring protocol.
  • Ensuring all PGA employees are paid equitably.
  • PGA of America summer internships
  • PGA JobMatch program
  • FairWays to Leadership initiative
  • Developing strategic partnerships that deepen our talent pipeline in the game. 
  • Creating a DEI brand guide, engagement guide, inclusion guidelines for golf facilities and other tools our members can use to help attract new audiences into the game, whether that's to build a career or play the game.
These initiatives and accomplishments have been rooted in the fact that bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences can lead to more innovative ideas, creative problem-solving, and a broader range of perspectives when addressing challenges.
“When we lead with inclusion, diversity naturally follows,” says Gallatin. “A diverse workforce can offer unique insights and approaches that homogeneous groups may overlook. So, when PGA Professionals, consumers, employees and vendors feel a sense of belonging, valued for their differences and empowered to participate and contribute freely, we are all better for it." 
Being included on the Power 100 list is special to Gallatin, but she also sees it as a representation of the inclusive progress being made in sports.
"Visibility matters when it comes to inclusion and certainly in the LGBTQ community,” adds Gallatin. “The sports industry has come a long way because I find myself on this list with some incredibly talented people instead of being one of very few working in sports and specifically golf. 

As I have advanced in my career, the number of people who have opened up and shared their own experiences with me has been so impactful. I'm thankful to be part of such a strong community who have wrapped their arms around me in support.

Molly Gallatin
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