Play Golf For Life: Technology Meets Fitness at the PGA Show

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

There’s no doubt fitness and golf go hand in hand. Whether it’s just the walk you enjoy or working out to achieve a goal in your game, the 2022 PGA Show will connect you with a great option for your fitness desires. PGA Member Gavin Parker from the Middle-Atlantic section took a couple minutes during his personal show experience to try a couple of the coolest training technology we could find.
Starting a fitness program to improve your game can be a daunting task. We want to ensure we’re doing the right things, improving our body for golf and most of all being safe. Well here at the Merchandise Show, there’s a whole area dedicated to golf and fitness. One of the major themes we sense from walking around is just what was described above. How do I get started?
Techno Gym has made an incredible investment in fitness research. With that knowledge and a very thoughtful approach, they have become a global wellness solution. They build and sell equipment, but what you sense from visiting their booth/website is a commitment to education. Their fitness customer really receives an empowering knowledge when they work together.
The motivation to spend time training must have a reward. Their ability to help you understand the benefits will keep you inspired to improve. By using a tiered system, they can custom design a program for all levels of players. Unlike other fitness plans, once the program is in place, they don’t stop. Your workouts produce results, and they continue through the workout process and provide a breakdown. That level of follow up certainly makes their company unique.
Plans are personal and not every player will connect with just one company. Another fitness vendor called GOLFFOREVER specializes in personal golf workout programs as well. Known as golf’s #1 fitness app, its starts with a physical assessment. Once you complete their simple evaluation process, it designs a program just for you. Custom workouts are then provided daily on the app. This comprehensive approach really keeps you on target to reach your goals.
By being persistent daily, players find their program easy to use. Quite simply it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Golf isn’t the only fitness programs you can participate in. Classes for cardio, HIIT and yoga are also available. They also offer a mobilet raining aid that fits in your golf bag. The workout tool is a long rod with interchangeable weights and attachments. Combine their tool and the training and you literally can play golf forever!
You’re not alone if you need help starting a personal golf workout program. The fitness world is aware and ready to connect with you. These two companies stood out at the Show, but there are others. Find the right fit for you and before you know it you have the “start” you’ve been looking for.