Play and enjoy golf year round

By Nikki Gatch
Published on

When you live in the Sunbelt, like here in Southern California, you are blessed with the opportunity to play golf 365 days a year. For the most part, it’s a wonderful thing, eliciting envy from our friends trapped in colder weather. However, with that year-round availability, we sometimes lose the “excitement” that accompanies the start of the golf season.
There are pockets of seasonality in areas like Southern California – our Desert area is primarily busiest in November-April, and light in the summer and early fall. Our coastal areas are thriving in the summer and early fall, and taper off slightly in the winter months.
Keep the magic alive
As golfers, it’s important for us to always be excited about this great game. For those who live in Sunbelt states, use the additional golfing months to explore nearby courses outside of your traditional rotation. Take a weekend trip to the desert or enjoy an early evening round by the coast. Not only will you broaden your golfing horizons, you’ll find some great deals.
For example, visiting the desert areas in the summer months provides the opportunity to play great golf courses for reasonable rates. Summer is also a great time to escape the heat at home and travel to the coast for some cooler weather and coastal courses.
It’s always golf season somewhere
Regardless of where you live, it’s important to remember that there is a perceived “golf season,” when the bulk of the club’s activities and tournaments occur. In preparation for this season, you should take a lesson or two, test some new equipment and freshen up your golfing attire.
Just remember, regardless of the season, to always stay excited about this great game. They don’t call it a game for summer – they call it a game for a lifetime!
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