Podcast: Jared Forest's Inspiring Golf Journey

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Not every golf journey is a straight line. Take Jared Forest for example. Jared grew up playing the game with his father. It was a very special time they shared together. Along the way, Jared's life pivoted more than a couple times. From the Air Force, to Temple University and a multitude of experiences in between Jared still had the game and his Dad. 
Then a couple years ago Jared's father passed away. He couldn't bring himself to play again. He spent some time away from the game until he met Chris Hunt. Chris is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Golf Foundation, the charitable arm of the New Jersey PGA. Chris and the NJGF helped the NJPGA gain national recognition in receiving the 2012 and 2015 Herb Graffis Award. 
Hunt introduced Jared to a couple of the PGA of America's most powerful programs. First, Jared earned a PGA REACH Fellowship. With that fellowship, he focused his attention on PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere). Forest is an Air Force Veteran and member of the 412th Security Forces Squadron who served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Jared works locally and nationally to connect with fellow veterans in need of something to ease their minds. He believes golf provides an escape, a very successful form of therapy. It significantly helped Jared through his darkest times and now he advocates to others the benefits. This is one of the most intimate and heartfelt interviews ever on the ProsShow. Stop, take a moment and listen to this amazing young man tell his story of service, recovery and faith. Jared Forest is a special kind of PGA leader. By experiencing his story, you just may start writing one of your own.