Game Changers

Renee Powell shares her incredible stories of golf changing lives around the world

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

She is a member of 7 different Hall of Fames, has 2 different Honorary Doctorates and has earned over 14 different awards and counting.
The First Women of Golf, Renee Powell, PGA/LPGA member speaks with Keith about the state of the game, being a global golf ambassador and her amazing playing history.
Wait until you hear her stories. They cover everything from the CIA to her amazing programs at Clearview Golf Course.
Golf is doing so well in so many ways and leaders like Renee are the reason for it. This is one of the most special interviews Keith has ever given.
The "Director of Fun" Keith Stewart is the Head PGA Professional at Springdale Golf Club, in Springdale, New Jersey. Keith hosts Springdale Golf Live, a Friday afternoon cup of joe for the golf and sports enthusiast. Check out more episodes of the podcast here.