Ryder Cup Announces aG as Worldwide Ryder Cup Supplier

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aboutGOLF (aG), the world’s most authentic and accurate indoor golf and entertainment platform, has announced a multi-year partnership with the Ryder Cup.
By leveraging the power and prestige of the Ryder Cup, the partnership with aG is opening new avenues to the game of golf for current and future generations. Participants around the world have created unforgettable experiences competing with and against friends and family, while walking in the footsteps of legends by playing iconic virtual venues that have hosted the Ryder Cup.

“Golf is unique in that it is the only sport you can replicate in a full esports platform,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aG. “Over the next ten years, Modern Golf will evolve into something we’ve never seen before. I can picture a stadium with twenty-four people competing on simulators for a purse of three to four million, and the top two finalists dueling side-by-side on a giant screen. This partnership takes Modern Golf to a new level and we are proud to be the Official Golf Simulator of the Ryder Cup.”

This partnership ushers in the new era of Modern Golf with an innovative approach to the sport. Modern Golf combines the camaraderie, competition, and gameplay of traditional golf with data-driven insights, on-demand competition, worldwide social connections, and endless entertainment into a single platform.

In Modern Golf, every swing counts. Each shot is tracked and measured across multiple data points, delivering tailored advice on how to improve your unique swing—whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors.

“This agreement with aboutGOLF weaves the Ryder Cup’s rich roster of historic golf courses within various forward-leaning technologies and platforms that will deliver unparalleled reality and competitive formats to the newest generations of golf fans,” said PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price. “We’re really excited to work with our friends from aG on our shared vision to make the Ryder Cup experience easily accessible year-round.”

aboutGOLF's indoor golf & entertainment platform is renowned for its authentic playing experience, from tee to green. aG also boasts a cloud-powered data platform to capture and analyze every shot, fresh courses and games to keep participants engaged, and a global community to connect, compete, and play with.

Guy Kinnings, Europe’s Ryder Cup Director, said: “We are delighted to welcome aboutGOLF to the family of worldwide Ryder Cup suppliers. The company’s innovative Modern Golf platform is the perfect fit for the Ryder Cup, which is rightly celebrated as one of the world’s greatest sporting occasions, made special and totally unique in our sport by the fervent atmosphere created by the passionate fans of both sides. I am sure many of these fans will also revel in the Modern Golf experience.”

Golf enthusiasts of all ages can compete in aG Tour, online competitions infusing traditional golf with esports, from any aG simulator. For more information on aG Tour, visit the website: