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Scramble Time: 6 Tips to Help You Get Out of Trouble

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It's unavoidable that at some point in your round you catch a gust of wind, a bad bounce or an uncommitted swing and you are left scrambling to get back on track.
No matter how accomplished of a player you may be, you'll find yourself out of position and facing a shot that you're not used to. The key is to practice these types of situations so that you won't compound the issues by hitting another troublesome shot.
Ideally, you'll practice according to the shots you're most likely to be facing. Heading on a trip to the desert, might want to practice more shots from the sand. Playing a links course this weekend? Time to work on various flighted shots and uneven lies. Plan ahead and you'll be able to score lower by always having the right shot in your bag.
These six fun drills from PGA Coaches will help you prepare for most situations you'll find yourself in so you can be confident standing over that tricky lie and get back on track.
Be sure to contact the PGA Coach in your area if you want additional drills and tips to help out your game.
1. How to control your ball from a tough lie
2. How to play in the wind
3. Best way to hit from a sidehill lie
4. Strategize around trouble
5. Two ways to consistently escape "fried egg" lies
6. How to hit out of a divot

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