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Send Your Child to Golf Camp This Summer

By Marc Haddad
Published on

A PGA Professional greets two young girls on their first day at PGA Junior Golf Camps

A Perfect Sport to Teach Kids about Integrity, Respect, and Good Sportsmanship
Let’s face it…there are a million different summer camps these days. Today, camp offerings are as diverse as kids themselves. From computers to drama, culinary to SAT prep – there is a camp to meet just about every child’s interests and talents. There are a ton of sports camps, but which sport can be viewed as the “game of a lifetime”?
Golf instills strong core values
Values such as honesty, good sportsmanship, and integrity are taught in an environment where true life lessons can be learned. In that the game relies heavily on the honor system by keeping your own score, children learn the importance of playing with integrity.
Golf powers the brain and challenges the mind
In terms of strategy, coordination, and concentration, nothing beats golf. And during a 9-hole round, golfers cover about 3 miles and, if carrying a golf bag, both the upper and lower body are getting a pretty good workout.
Guidelines for finding the right camp for your child
  • Make sure the camp coach is a PGA or LPGA certified member
    This designation will give you confidence that the golf professional working with your child is highly proficient at golf coaching as a result of their training and certificate by the PGA of America or the LPGA.
  • Ask about the camp’s policy on child safety
    You will want to know how the camp ensures your child’s safety. Ask about everything from their policy on employee background checks to how the instructors coach young golfers in golf club safety.
  • Ask about skill development and progress updates
    While the emphasis should be on fun, you also want to feel like there’s some real game development. Many camps offer lesson note cards or emails sent directly to parents to update you on your child’s progress.
“We feel that golf is an ideal sport from so many vantage points. From etiquette to sportsmanship to physical activity, there’s really no leisure time activity like it,” said Ted Eleftheriou, PGA of America.
Whichever golf camp you select, the emphasis should be on fun. If you are a golfer yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to add a new activity to your family time agenda and if you’re not, you just might be inspired to pick up a club and start a new family tradition.