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Find Function in Your Game to Shape Shots like Collin Morikawa

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The unique challenge of the 103rd PGA Championship will present the need for many different shot shapes. As we watch defending PGA Champion Collin Morikawa with his PGA Coach Rick Sessinghaus, we see a complete mastery of ball flight control.
You may not be able to create multiple shot shapes like the PGA Champion, but that’s not necessarily the most important part of this video lesson. Collin and his PGA Coach work together on understanding what makes these different shot shapes happen. Even though he may not need all of these different patterns, practicing functional golf shots is very important.
So many times, we find ourselves practicing and playing golf solely thinking about form. Look at the value we can take from trying to practice more function. Sessinghaus’s approach is physical as much as mental. That’s important to note. Look for opportunities to challenge yourself in your practice sessions on the range and the course. Make that golf ball move according to the shot needed.
Not sure how to develop different shot patterns? Consult with your local PGA Coach to build an understanding of these different shot shapes. Consider the last concept Rick coaches Collin on. It’s a reaction drill. Golfers are athletes, and through this segment you can clearly see how practicing function will not only help your understanding of the game it will clearly increase your enjoyment as well.
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Dr. Rick J. Sessinghaus, PGA


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