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Summer is the Perfect Time to Introduce Your Kids to Golf

By Frank Chieppa, PGA
Published on
Two Boys

Two Boys

What child doesn’t look forward to summer? School typically is on break from classes, warmer weather provides us with great opportunities to be outside and multiple activities such as swimming and team sports fill the days. But how many times as parents have you heard your child say, “Mom, there’s nothing to do.” Or maybe you’ve watched your child spend way too much time in front of the TV or video gaming box and thought, “I’ve got to get them into something more active.”
Help them make the most of their summer
Summer is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to golf and show them all the fun activities that the game brings. There are many golf games and contests that are easy to do and have little or no financial outlay to you.
Putting contests as an example
Almost every golf course in the U.S. doesn’t charge a fee for golfers to come out and practice putt. Putting contests can be of any size or shape and competitions can be done solo or with a friend or family member. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing moms and dads with their kids on the putting green seeing who can make the most 2- or 3-footers in a row.
A fun game of “lag-off”
In this challenge, four tees are placed around the golf hole about two feet away and you see who can get within the tees from longer distances. Start from ten feet away and keep working back. This is great practice if your child has entered any skills challenges or youth competitions such as Drive Chip and Putt.
Both of these simple games are great ways to get outside, create enthusiasm for the game and have your child spend time with family and friends. And, oh yeah, another perk about summer: the ice cream tastes even better after time at the course!