Suzy Whaley Joins Fellow Golf Professionals in ‘Meeting of Minds’

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PGA of America President Suzy Whaley joined 14 fellow golf professionals from across the country in a ‘Meeting of the Minds’ hosted by Brian Manzella live on social media on Wednesday night.
The panel included Kellie Stenzel, Pial Nilsson, Lynn Marriot, Dr. Alison Curdt, Carol Preisinger, Sarah Stone, Nathalie Filler, Deb Vangellow, Krista Dunton, Trillium Rose, Dana Rader, Christina Ricci, Karne Jansn and Chereyl Anderson, and topics ranged from mechanics to reintroducing golfers to the game after a hiatus.
Whaley noted: “As people come back to all of us as coaches, we need to understand the value that people are looking for will be at the highest it's ever been. That value has to be about the person standing in front of you. It can’t be about your coaching, it has to be about you giving them an experience that makes their lives better.”