Catch Up with the Team of 20 at the 2020 PGA Championship

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The Team of 20 is comprised of PGA Club Professionals from coast-to-coast and the PGA Championship presents each of them the opportunity to shine on golf's biggest stage.
Amy Rogers caught up with all 20 players representing the PGA of America this week at TPC Harding Park to see what they're looking forward to as they tee it up alongside the best male golfers in the world.
Mike Auterson
Danny Balin
Alex Beach
Rich Berbrian, Jr.
Justin Bertsch
Jason Caron
Benny Cook
Judd Gibb
Jeff Hart
Marty Jertson
Zach J. Johnson
Alex Knoll
Rob Labritz
David Muttitt
John O'Leary
Rod Perry
J.R. Roth
Bob Sowards
Ryan Vermeer
Shawn Warren