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The 12 Things We Learned from the United States at the Ryder Cup

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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The United States has won the 43rd Ryder Cup. It was a tremendous team effort as each player on the US side won at least one point through the three days of competition. Such success comes through genuine hard work and terrific talent. In this coaching recap, we consider each player’s unique trait that positively impacted this commanding cup win.
  1. Berger’s back and forth works well. Unique to Daniel’s swing is a great transition. When you change direction use your body to get back to the ball instead of pulling the grip down. The leverage you create like Berger will literally launch the ball like you wouldn’t believe.

  2. Cantlay’s killer putting is very valuable. Most think it’s been a month; it’s actually been for his entire career. Patrick’s putting prowess really comes from his ability to control speed. Gain control of your delivery and you’ll be a constant threat on the greens like Cantlay.
  3. Bryson always seems to be locked in. Arm lock putting is a thing. A really good thing. Known for bombing drives, Bryson’s money move is his putting stroke. It sets his scoring apart as a professional. If you struggle with putts inside ten feet, lock in a new method for success.
  4. Just plain English. Arc builds power and creates consistency. Keep that club away from your body during the entire swing like Harris. Build a big circle and your ball striking will be more solid and consistent than you can possibly imagine.
  5. Finau can flush it. Committing to a full follow through increases club head speed. Tony takes the grip of his club and moves it through impact ahead of the ball. That shaft lean he forms is the blueprint for a very solid strike. After your transition get your handle and weight going forward like Finau to really flush it.

  6. DJ’s favorite song is control. We may not be built big and strong like Dustin, but we can certainly strengthen our grip on the club like him. Whether pitching a wedge or pounding a fairway wood, Dustin’s control is his key to success. Make sure you test your grip. Turn the lead hand in for a better hold on the club. That quality connection will allow you to turn more aggressively and strike the ball better in all situations.
  7. Koepka keeps it online. It’s not a reference to Brooks’ social media savvy, but rather a compliment to his wonderful ability to hit straight shots. Blessed with big muscles Brooks uses them. We all might not have his mass, but we can certainly keep Koepka’s swing in mind and turn the big parts we do have. Turn your torso and the trajectory will be straight toward your target.
  8. Collin can’t miss. Nobody else is better with an iron. We witnessed countless amazing approaches by Collin all weekend. Morikawa’s major game stems from his ability to stick to his strength. Use your shot shape to take advantage of opportunities on the course. Always work your way around each hole by catering to your best parts of you game and your score will reflect it.
  9. Xander’s golden balance. Fabulous footwork leads to exceptional balance in your golf swing. This gold medal great can handle all different types of lies because he keeps his center of gravity in the middle of his swing. When you swing, keep your body in between your two feet. This will take away the sway and have you consistently striking the ball and then the ground through impact.
  10. Scheffler’s setup is special. A free swing starts with a simple setup key. Get those arms hanging like Scottie’s, beneath your shoulders. This will allow you to return in a similar position at impact. Too many golfers don’t let their arms hang freely. Reaching or restricted arms slow down the swing and can cause manipulation. Freedom of motion is an attribute for successful ball striking.
  11. Steal Spieth’s creative genius around the green. Jordan’s short game success has one simple key, know your target. When you watch his eyes prior to playing a short shot you can always see him look toward his landing spot. Focus like Jordan on that spot and not just the hole and your game around the greens will greatly improve.
  12. Create traction like Thomas. Justin’s ability to hit great long shots into greens comes from his powerful connection to the ground. When you transition in your swing press into that lead foot and push off. Golfers are athletes and JT’s signature move shows us why. Learn to launch a fairway wood like Justin by following his footwork and you’ll be hitting towering shots from the turf.
It’s an amazing moment for American golf. The Ryder Cup brings out the best in these awesome athletes every two years. Take this unique opportunity to witness their greatness and add some of their game into yours.  

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