Game Changers

The “CEO of Junior Golf” Gavin Parker is Spreading Positivity and Making Golf Enjoyable

By Kyle Kelley, PGA of America
Published on

Gavin Parker, PGA, has always wanted to be a golf instructor and teacher.
He attended the Professional Golf Management school at Campbell University in hopes of chasing his dreams. Little did he know that dream would lead him to social media stardom.
The “CEO of Junior Golf” has taken TikTok by storm with his infectious energy, positive attitude, and new-age approach to making the game of golf more enjoyable for junior golfers.
“I’ve spent 10 years researching everything you can do in terms of the golf swing,” Parker said. “I got on TikTok and everyone called me the CEO of Smiles and CEO of Laughs, so it turned into the CEO of Junior Golf. Now I like to say I’m just using a stick and a ball to cultivate fulfillment and spread joy instead of just focusing on improving the score.”
Parker is focused on creating an environment for his students that is enjoyable, so when they look back on their start in 20 years they’ll remember why they chose to play the game of golf for life.
“I try to create environments that are unforgettable,” Parker said. “I’m literally just trying to create better humans. What is the long-term effect of smiling, spreading joy and actually celebrating kids making their own decisions.”
He teaches his students the game through a series of games that creates ambiguity, encourages critical thinking, and making meaningful choices. The goal is to give any student — regardless of skill — the opportunity to succeed.
“I’ve realized not every kid wants to be really good, or elite, at golf,” Parker said. “I can take a kid that wants to be really good and make him really good, but at the same time, I want to create a setting where I can take a kid that has never played, a kid that competes, a kid that is unathletic and a kid who loves theatre and give each of them a chance to enjoy the experience.”
And while his virality has been fun, Parker isn’t letting it change who he is — an authentic professional who is spreading positivity to help grow the game of golf.