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The Golfer and the PGA Professional: A Perfect Match

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I would like to take a moment to play matchmaker. Although I may not have the most experience in matching people together, I think I can help when it comes to golf. Golfers are some of the most passionate people I know. Many have such a strong affinity for the game that they will go to great lengths to play, such as golfers who will camp out in the parking lot, waiting for a tee time at a famous course.
The Top 3 things important to golfers during their next round:
  1. To hit more good shots and fewer bad shots than usual
  2. To have fun with my friends
  3. To shoot my lowest score
The PGA of America and its 27,000 PGA Professionals also have a passion for the game.
The Top 3 reasons PGA Professionals love golf:
  1. The PGA Professional wants to create enjoyment for you, your family and your friends during your next round
  2. The PGA Professional wants to share their passion for the game with you
  3. The PGA Professional enjoys the thrill that you, the golfer, experience when you are coached on how to play better by hitting the perfect, high, soaring hybrid or the perfect bunker shot
In reviewing what the golfer wants during their next round and what the PGA Professional wants to bring to the game, it appears that this is a perfect match!
The PGA Professional is perfectly suited to fulfill the desires of golfers. If you’re like other golfers, and you want to hit more good shots and fewer bad shots, want to have fun with your friends and want to shoot your lowest score, contact your local PGA Professional as they can help you accomplish all of these objectives!