The Moment You Fell in Love with the Game

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The viral phenomenon of the #FirstPhotoChallenge got us thinking earlier this week, “When did golfers know that the game was the one for them?”
One of the best parts about the game is no matter what your skill level is or how you play, you are a golfer. You can pick up a club for the first time when you're 2 or 50 and no matter when you started, we are here to help you make the most of your golf journey.
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Check out some of our favorites below.
Nicholas Sangregory on Facebook said…
When the golf coach talked me into being the manager of the high school team when I was 12 and I beat every player on the varsity team!!
Dana Mullady McKinney on Facebook said…
I knew it when a friend of mine encouraged me to take up the sport due to bad knees. In 2008, at age 52, I ended my 40-year softball career and began a new life as a golfer. And I’m loving every minute of it!
Mavis Valerie Webster on Facebook said…
The moment I picked up a club