Game Changers

The Native American Tribe Making Golf Their Heritage

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A sense of community unlike any other.
In September, Erik Anders Lang and Group Golf Therapy ventured on a pre-Ryder Cup road trip to 'Discover Wisconsin'. In the second episode, their travels took them to the official golf course of the Green Bay Packers: Thornberry Creek at Oneida.
Host Connor Laubenstein plays the course with members of the Oneida Tribe, the people who make this place tick, and the sense of community leaves a lasting impact on him. As he put it:
"What's so interesting about this place in particular is how connected people feel. There's such a clear sense of community. It's like: teach you, you teach the next person, and you teach the person after that. It's inspiring, and something I'd like to put more of in my own life."
Three generations of Native American golfers, including former PGA Professional Justin Nishimoto and collegiate golfer Sadie Kelley, walk Connor through their philosophy for life and golf: have each other's backs through success or setback.
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