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The PGA Championship Highlights Why We Love This Game

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At the trophy ceremony on Valhalla's 18th green during the PGA Championship, you may have noticed some bright orange jerseys and smiling young faces. Those were PGA Jr. Leaguers and PGA WORKS Fellows, two reminders of why We Love this Game.
PGA Jr. League and PGA WORKS, along with PGA HOPE and PGA Places to Play, are the pillars of the PGA of America Reach Foundation. Through each program, Veterans, people from diverse backgrounds, youngsters with an itch to play the game and courses needing a lift to prosper all receive an opportunity to thrive.
And at the heart of each program? It's PGA of America Golf Professionals. They're 30,000-plus that love the game, and love what it provides.
Check out the following clip from the 18th green to truly see #WeLovethisGame in peak form: