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There's Still A Lot of Room for Improvement: How to Keep Getting Better

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“I want to keep getting better and there’s still a lot of room for improvement.” 

As Collin Morikawa takes his commanding 5-shot lead into the Final Round of the Hero World Challenge, one would think that his game is in peak form. But despite his recent success, Morikawa shared that he was on the phone with his longtime coach, Rick Sessinghaus, PGA, before Round 3 to try to figure out some issues he was having with his driver. 

And that’s what winners do. They consistently strive to progress and connect with people who can help them towards their goals just like the 2020 PGA Champion.

One key to progression is understanding what you’re doing well and where you can improve. A PGA Coach is a fantastic resource to understand the status of your game and help you know what you can work on. Or if you already have a good idea where to start, they can suggest tips & drills to keep you progressing. 

After the 3rd Round where Morikawa shot an 8-under 64 with 6 birdies & an eagle, he shared a key part of his progression strategy:

“I’m dissecting my game in a really good way of just figuring out what I need to do consistently to be a better player and to be in contention a lot more. Chipping, putting has put me in a spot so far through three rounds that I feel great and I’ve just got to keep doing that. I really need to figure out how to play hole 18 though a little bit better.”

Morikawa is clearly looking both at his long-term goals of playing consistently and being in contention and for places where he can improve today, hence his call to his PGA Coach for help with his driver. 
Golfers would be wise to apply this same lens to their work on the course as they strive to reach their goals: Choose broad goals and then figure out smaller goals that will help you get there. 
One tip from Collin’s game that will help players improve quickly from Keith Stewart, PGA is to Aim Small to Win Big
And as you apply this tip and continue to focus on your golf goals and evaluate your progress, don’t forget the reason you picked up a club in the first place, to have fun.  

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