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Trick or Treat: The Scariest Shots in Golf

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Some would argue the 40-yard bunker shot is one of the 'scariest' in the game. Others would debate that a downhill lie to an elevated green takes the cake.
The game of golf is the ultimate trick or treat. Any shot may trick you into thinking you have conquered the game and when you do, it is in fact a treat.
On the eve of Halloween, we wanted to know what golfers thought was the scariest shot in golf. And the answers were epic.
From a fear of the shanks to having to hit a tee shot in front of the group that just let you play through, the PGA Facebook community had plenty to share.
Check out some of our favorite answers below & be sure to hop in the whole thread for the rest of the treat.

What's the scariest shot in golf?

Posted by on Friday, October 30, 2020
Eric Prescott said...
"The one after a shank."
Bobby Moore said...
Any 4-foot putt to win a hole!!!!
Christopher Curtis said...
The last one because not knowing when you're going to tee it up again is the scariest.
Kevin Lenling said...
One with oncoming traffic on the right.
Cam Lawton said...
Hole in one without your credit card in your pocket lol.
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