What Are Your Golf Superstitions? We Asked & Golfers Answered

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Jack Nicklaus always kept coins in his pocket. Bubba Watson uses a yellow golf ball. Tiger Woods wears red on Sundays.
Everybody has them. Golf superstitions.
Some people only keep their ball marker in one pocket or refuse to wear a certain color hat.
We checked in with former PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship participants & reached out to our community of golfers on social media to ask: What are your golf superstitions?
And here's a collection of the best answers from Facebook:
"I have to tee off with a white tee on the 1st hole." -- Billy Wieczorek
"If everyone in the group played the hole well keep that same order." -- Carl Mcclain
"I have to brush my teeth before every round. No matter the time of day and if I've already brushed my teeth that morning." -- Matt Goddard.
"Never use a red tee." -- Mike Carroll
"Do not pick cart #'s 19-26, 40-53 or 80+" -- Kevin Kirk
"If I see an unrepaired ball mark on a green I always fix it. Haven't lipped out a putt in 20 years." -- Steve Sampsell
And although we don't encourage giving up the game, this fan felt it necessary to share that it might be their best option...
"Best advice I ever received... Take two weeks off, then quit." -- Todd Dorschel
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